Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng is disappointed with the Penang Chinese Town Hall (PCTH) for chastising the state government of practising double standards when allocating funds.

He said he had explained earlier, that due to the current unstable economic situation, the state government could not sponsor the PCTH’s Chinese New Year open house unless it generated income to the state.

Lim said the state government was organising its own open house for Chinese New Year and welcomed everyone to join them.

Speaking to reporters today, he said he was disappointed to receive a letter from PCTH, accusing the state government of practising double standards.

In the letter, the state government was asked how it was able to allocate funds for the Majlis Buka Puasa event last year, and not for the PCTH’s Chinese New Year open house.

Lim said the Majlis Buka Puasa last year was a state-level event and part of it was for charity purposes.

He welcomed the PCTH to join in the state government’s open house to save costs, especially during the current economic situation.

Last Tuesday, the state government announced that it would not provide allocations to associations to organise activities, including certain festivities, if they did not benefit or generate income for the state.