This article is written by a Razak86 – born raised in Bintulu but currently pursuing a Mechanical Engineering degree, in an Australian university.

I have been living in Bintulu for all my life and I must say, it is such a wonderful place to live in.

The town planners in the 70s and 80s have thoughtfully designed the layout of the town so that the industrial sector which is the backbone for the survival of the town is situated far from the town center.

Artist impression of a boutique hotel in Bintulu.

But, there is some area of improvements that I really want to see how Bintulu is managed and maintained.

In the town area, people are still crossing the street without using the available pedestrian crossings. The police traffic should summons these people and better informed them that their life can be in danger by doing such.

I must say as well that the pedestrian crossings are not well designed e.g. the pedestrian bridge close to the bus station is uncomfortably high.

And the crossings near the traffic lights takes a long time for the pedestrian to cross.

BDA or whoever in charge of designing these crossings should go back to the drawing board. They need to make it more pedestrian friendly with appropriate shades such as trees.

I am against putting palm-like trees in the town area because it does not provide proper shading from the scorching sun.

The shops in Bintulu still sells their goods on ‘kaki lima’. I thought it is illegal to do so and there must be some OHS issues regarding that.

Plus, it doesn’t provide a smooth flow of pedestrian walking outside the shop. People literally bump into each other.

The dirtiest spot i can think of in the town center is the open space behind the bus station next to the ‘Tamu’. One word or slang, ‘Ewwwww!’. I hope when the bus station is move to Parkcity, things will improve in that area.

Jepak is a village just across the town center. I always think that Jepak is left behind from the rest of Bintulu in terms of development.

Yes, we do have a library, community hall, a primary school etc but where is the police station? where is the health clinic? where is the traffic lights? where is proper drainage?

The social ills here such as drug abuse and alcoholisms are rampant, especially among the younger generation.

And yeah, MP or DUN for our area, YB Talib Zulphillip is not doing his job properly. It’s a known fact that he will visit us when the election is close to improve his PR.

I remember in 1997, I read a news article about building a new growth/ town center on this side of the river by YB Talib, what happen 11 years after that: nothing.

Keep your facts right YB Talib, or is it you’re too busy with SEDC revamping hotels in Kuching?

And there needs to be more transparency from BDA and other agencies managing Bintulu. Cut the bureaucracies and just get to the job.

We, as Bintulu natives are starving of information and good services from these agencies. Bintulu generates millions of ringgit for the government, and that reason is sufficient enough for these agencies to improve their services.