Anwar said it’s certainly not responsible for Najib to topple a government elected by the people.

“Irresponsible on Najib part, knowing that the allegation that has been,.. millions of ringgit been used to entice members,” he said.

“It is shocking to say the least for DPM to be alleged in buying people, and involved in series of missing in action – from Altantuya to Bala and now the two excos” Anwar added.

On suggestion that the two excos purported to be missing was actually on medical leaves.

Anwar remark: “Yes, they can say they are on medical leaves, but medical leaves clearly on Najib’s assistance. this is blatant lie. you on medical leave you don’t tell your wife & your family, your on medical leave you don’t inform your party leaders, the menteri besar, the speaker, you’re an exco. A man in the street knows their responsibilities”.

He said it’s not a surprise to see Najib involved in dirty action. “But to confirm the type of leader that we have to deal with in this country. That’s why to my mind back to the Perak fiasco, for now we have to deal with the issue and obtain a fresh mandate from the people”

“If through the fresh mandate they decide Umno led Barisan Nasional should rule, so be it. But let the people decide. But I’m confident, without reservation, that we will get a stronger mandate”.

“That’s why Najib and Barisan Nasional will do everything within their power to stop the election from being held. By-election or general election.”

“So you now have a leader who are scares of the people, who will hijack, leaders and representatives. But refuse to accept and appeal to obtain fresh mandate from their own people,” Anwar said.