Dr Stephen Rundi (pic) said the people of Bintulu will enjoy deConnexion broadband connectivity services soon, after chairing Bintulu Broadband Stakeholders Group (BBSG) meeting held at Wisma Bintulu on Tuesday.rundi-stephen

“The BBSG will assist the state government in ensuring a competitive and reliable broadband services to the people,” said Rundi.

Miri Broadband Stakeholders Group (MBSG), which successfully assisted the deployment of deConnexion pilot project in the city in 2007, prompted similar group being formed in Bintulu this year.

According to Rundi the state government initiated the deConnexion project headed by a joint venture between Sacofa Sdn. Bhd. and Danawa Resources Sdn. Bhd to provide high speed broadband services throughout the state.

The service which utilizes advanced wireless broadband technology capable of handling triple play (voice, data, and video) and would be scalable to quadruple play, including IPTV if needed.

Sarawak state government is targeting at least 50 percent household broadband internet penetration by year 2010 from a low of 1.3 percent in 2006.

Rundi also said the arrival of deConnexion services to Bintulu, was much anticipated as there were high demand for affordable, reliable and high speed broadband services in the town.