Every development has price to pay said Sarawak Environment and Public Health Minister Dato’ Sri Wong Soon Koh (pic) commenting on the thousand of fishes died in Belaga last few months.wong-soon-koh

This is the third times large number of fish reported to have died mysteriously in Belaga area. Natural Resouces and Environment Board (NREB) citing their findings, said yesterday that those fishes were died of suffocation.

However an experienced fresh water fish breeder Dr. Elli Luhat said the fish could not have died due to suffocation.

“The gills of the fish clogged with mud is not the cause of the death…it is a common phenomenon,” he told Borneo Post.

Dr Elli said, based on his experience in breeding empurau fish (Tor tambroides), fresh water fishes particularly in the upstream area are very sensitives to changes.

He urged NREB to thoroughly investigate the reason behind rare phenomenon where hundred of fishes died mysteriously in Belaga for the past few months.

In defending, NREB statement yesterday, Wong said NREB had identified the cause of the erosion purportedly causing hundred if not thousand of fishes in the upper Rajang river area died in the last few months.

Wong also said NREB has come out with a long-term solution to the problem when it proposed the Integrated Watershed Management Plan for Bakun catchment area to the federal government.