Malaysia first gay couple Joshua Beh and Jessie Chung celebrate their third wedding anniversary with family members, relatives and guests on Tuesday night according to a news report today.

Jessie Chung, the son of a local tycoon causing a buzz in the country a few years ago after high profile marriage to Joshua Beh.

Jessie Chung acknowledged that since his transformation into her, people have learned to accept him and has supported his marriage to Joshua.

On his plan to adopt a child to make a complete family, Jessie said he may go for it next year.

Rumors on Jessie Chung on the net

Jessie Chung fake credential – Jessie the founder of Natural Health Farm claimed to be a Doctor. But many suspected it to be fake credential and Jessie ever since had drop the title ‘Dr’ from his name.

Website – Jessie Chung personal website