Deputy Prime Minister yesterday announced RM4 million grant to Dayak Bidayuh National Associaton (DBNA) for the construction of a multi purpose hall for the community.

DBNA Chief Advisor Datuk Micheal Manyin said they were ‘stunned’ by Najib generousity.

“I was stunned when he announced the RM4 million and we were very, very, very happy of course,” he said according to Borneo Post.

Sensing that there were still unhappiness among Bidayuhs – especially within Riot camp when they were not represented in the federal cabinet after March 2008 General Election.

By announcing a grant that ‘stunned’ Micheal Manyin, Najib had at least seen as trying to soothe their feeling.

He said “We will not forget our friends and the Bidayuhs are friends of the BN.” when visited DBNA headquarters at Jalan Kumpang in Kuching.

The deputy prime minister reminded them, they have fared well compared to other ethnic in the state for supporting BN. Point out that they are represented by three members of parliament and six state assemblymen.

“The State Secretary is also a Bidayuh,” Najib said.