Tengku Razaleigh the former Finance Minister and Umno Treasury said it’s Umno that had harmed the Malay Rulers the most. He didn’t see the crisis in Perak in the same light as Umno – despite being an Umno member.

In his blog posting aptly titled 1993 he wrote:

“Today’s crisis in Perak is about the legitimacy of the process by which a new state government has been formed in Perak.

It’s not about the status of the Rulers.

In comparison, the constitutional crisis of 1993 arose from an ugly confrontation between Umno and the Rulers over a question that had direct and profound implications on their sovereignty and that of the Yang Dipertuan Agong.”

Ku Li also questioned Umno crediblity in defending and protcting the Rulers and upholding the instituition.

“And is today’s Umno, with its inconsistent adherence to the rule of law, its inconstant respect for the key institutions of our country, a credible or effective defender of the Rulers and of the laws upholding this institution?”