Taib confidante, Mohd Naroden Majais flatly rebuke Dayak Chamber of Commerce Industry recent call for NCL land owners to be given title or ownership to their lands.

The Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Department Mohd Naroden Majais said on Feb 17, strongly against such idea. According to Naroden, that it was not possible for the government to give titles to all native customary land (NCL) owners in the state.

He also argued, that by giving titles to all NCL owners would result in the land (NCL) not developed to benefit the landowners!

“A certainly flawed argument. Thousands of acres lands in peninsular have been delineated to the Orang Asli as well as Felda pioneers by the federal government,” said an NCR land owner who want to be anonymous from Belaga told Bintulu Edition.

“Did any of them been reported to have become poorer ever since? I heard many had become millionaires” he added.

In a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister on Feb 13, attended by Dr Chan (but no Dayak PBB senior minister in sight), Dayak Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) president Tan Sri Datuk Amar Leo Moggie said survey and delineation of NCL would definitely provide certainty of ownership to the natives.

He said, by doing so the most important thing for the natives today was for their land to be converted into business asset.

Naroden on the web:

There are things we’d like to uncover relating to Naroden purported oil palm king of Simunjan as posted here. If any readers have specific knowledge of document to support Broken Shield assertions – please let us know.