PAS spiritual advisor Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat challenged Pasir Mas Member of Parliament (MP) Datuk Ibrahim Ali to quit as MP of the constituency and prove he is still wanted there.

Nik Aziz, who is also Kelantan Menteri Besar, said Kelantan PAS was not worried if chose to do this and that he would “probably lose his deposit” if he tried to stand as an independent candidate in a by-election there.

“The decision by Kelantan Pas asking him to vacate the seat for criticising PAS was taken at meeting of the state PAS liaison committee which I chaired as the commissioner of PAS for Kelantan,” he told reporters when met at his home here today.

He added that although he had not wished to comment about it when asked earlier today, the stand was that of PAS Kelantan despite the call for Ibrahim to step down was made by Kelantan Pas secretary Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan

When asked about the same matter by Bernama at a function for civil servants here earlier, Nik Aziz had replied: “tok se, tok se (no comment, no comment).”

Yesterday, Takiyuddin had asked him to step down as the MP for Pasir Mas for having hit out at the party in Parliament on Thursday and called him an ingrate as PAS had allowed him to contest the seat inthe last general election on a PAS ticket.

Ibrahim, whose status is as an Inpendent in the Dewan Rakyat, in responding to the call, yesterday said he would not do so unless the majority of the constituents demanded it.

The former Umno Supreme councillor also reiterated that he was not bound to act according to PAS’ wishes as the arrangement for him to contest the Pasir Mas seat did not come with such conditions.

Elaborating further on the matter, Nik Aziz said :”Although he (Ibrahim) is an Independent MP despite having won the seat on a PAS ticket, he does not have unfettered freedom.”

“Even cows we have to tie up with rope, what more humans,” he said.

Asked what would happen next if Ibrahim did not accept the challenge, Nik Aziz said:”Of course nobody will admit defeat easily. It’s just like when we become a son-in-law, even if our in-laws hate us we still live in the same house because we love their daughter…”

In TUMPAT, Kelantan PAS Youth chief Mohd Zaki Ibrahim also urged Ibrahim to resign citing he was no longer “a friend fo PAS”.

“This is not how a friend behaves. There is no reason why he should continue to be Pasir Mas MP as he won the seat on PAS support,” Mohd Zaki, who is also the state assemblyman for Kelaburan, told Bernama.