The poor condition quality of road maintenance works along the Bintulu-Tatau road irked Bintulu Member of Parliament, Dato Seri Tiong King Sing.

According to Tiong, HCM Engineering a peninsular based Class A contractor was doing a poor job in repairing and maintaining the Bintulu-Sibu road.

“During fine weather, there are plenty of pot holes along the road, and the road condition worsens during the rainy season,” he told reporters yesterday after paying a site visit to the Bintulu-Tatau Road where a section of the road caved in last week.

He said he had received numerous complaints from motorists who had suffered punctured tyres while travelling between Bintulu and Sibu. Tiong admitted he was unhappy what the contractor had done in carrying out maintenance work along this stretch of road.

A visibly upset Tiong said the diversion constructed by the contractors should be compact and solid enough for motor vehicles to past through and should not be full of mud.

“The contractor should not justified poorly done works by blaming the weather” Tiong said.

“In Peninsula Malaysia, the diversions are constructed within days and are in tip-top condition, even for heavy vehicles,”
he said.

The Bintulu MP said he would brought up the problem in the next Parliament sitting and recommended that that their contract be reviewed or terminated.