This is rather unusual. Many I think still remember former Information Minister calling Malaysian bloggers as “goblok” or stupid . But today NST gave an unusual praises to these so called “goblok”.

Unlike Saturday’s protest to force the Education Ministry to drop the use of English in the teaching of Science and Mathematics (PPSMI), others have chosen to use civil means to handle the matter. The blogosphere is abuzz in healthy debate over the issue, with Malaysians taking varied stands and suggesting interesting solutions.

Quoting relatively unknown bloggers:

In the blogosphere, Rasainthiran. M, posting his views on, felt that although the PPSMI issue may look like a Malay problem, it also affected Chinese and Tamil schools.

“Differences are many; but it cannot be denied that English is also the ‘scientific’ language of the modern world. The big question is how to implement it effectively,” he said.

In another blog, dinomum said all parties (government, opposition or non-governmental organisations) must stop politicising the issue.

“I am a mother of two and have no qualms about supporting the continuance of teaching Science and Maths in English. Do you know that if we ever do a search on the Internet for simple Science or Maths terminology, the results are overwhelmingly in English rather than in Bahasa Malaysia?”

Dinomum also said as most other subjects were taught in Bahasa Malaysia, there was no way the national language would be compromised. admitted looking down on those who were impatient over PPSMI. “I honestly think those against PPSMI never felt the hardship of looking up English technical terms in thick heavy dictionaries in university. How it felt to translate every single word at least three times into Bahasa Malaysia, and creating a new sentence to understand a particular technical sentence.”