Sarawak gained independence from British on July 22, 1963 then joined Peninsular Malaysia on September 16, 1969 to form Malaysia? Manyin said according to Borneo Post.


The state observes Sept 16, 1963 as the official date for the formation of Malaysia although it achieved independence on July 22, so as not to confuse the people with too many dates to remember.

Minister of Urban Development and Tourism Datuk Michael Manyin said many people did not know that Sarawak gained its independence from British rule on July 22, 1963 because the government had made Sept 16 the official date.

“Just like our National Day, we celebrate it on Aug 31 and not Sept 16 because we follow the official date set by the federal government. So, we can’t simply use our own dates (to celebrate the occasion).

“Just like in the United States of America, some states gained their independence much later but the original date, July 4, applies to all. This also applies to us,” he told reporters after opening the Sarawak History Exhibition at the Tun Abdul Razak Hall of Sarawak Museum here yesterday.

The state government therefore only organised activities on Aug 31 and Sept 16 like the on-going Sarawak’s 45 Years of Progress In Malaysia, but not on July 22, he added.