Khairy Jamaluddin who was found to be guilty of money politics by Umno disciplinary board, but allowed to contest Umno Youth post and elected as the new Umno Youth Chief replacing Hishammuddin Hussein.

Khairy received a total of 304 votes, beating his two opponents Khir Toyo and Mukhriz Mahathir, who bagged 254 and 232 votes respectively to replace Hishammudin Hussein as Umno Youth Chief.

His victory described by Straits Times as surprising as he had just received a warning from the party for indulging in money politics.

In a rather conciliatory note Khairy admitted he had not won with a strong majority.

“Those who have won didn’t win it all, those who had lost didn’t lose all. I’ve got 304 votes out of 793 representatives and that’s not a majority. It’s a majority among three candidates”, he said according to Utusan.

The fight for Umno Youth initially touted as battle between two Malaysian political dynasties – Abdullah the out-going prime minister and Dr Mahathir.