Sarawak chief Tan Sri Taib Mahmud was stung by “personality attacked” while campaigning at Lubok Antu. Taib however insisted the state BN would maintain the ‘Sarawak way’ of campaigning and not resort to opposition politics of personal attacks and rowdy behaviour. Borneo Post reports:

“I don’t like this … people who make personal attacks have no good issues to capitalise on. (That is) street politics, I really don’t like this because it is like fighting in the street.

“That is not our Sarawak way of politics,” he told reporters here after accompanying BN candidate Malcolm Mussen Lamoh to the Batang Ai by-election nomination centre.

Taib added:

had had been at the helm for so long, and the people would be able to judge the progress and development he has brought to Sarawak.

“What I see now is that the ways of campaigning are different from the past. Previously we campaigned in a soft way, the ‘Sarawak way’.

“But now the campaign is like this, and I don’t think the ‘rakyat’ will respond well to this new way (which is filled with personality attacks and rowdy behaviour),” he said.

Kinda wonder isn’t “mee segera” kind of projects part of Sarawak politics that Taib often advocates? What say you?