6.14 pm updates – Batang Ai – the unofficial tally after 14 boxes counted – BN 1,799 and PKR 930. But PKR source unofficial estimate also indicate BN win with 823 majority.

1.47 pm – Election Commission Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yuso said almost 70 percent of the voters in Batang Ai have cast their vote by 11.00 am while Bukit Gantang, Perak recorded only 20 percent and less than 20 percent in Bukit Selambau, Kedah.

Bloggers reported seeing foreign journalist Norman Hermant, who works for ABC Australia Network and CBC Newsworld covering the Batang Ai by-election. Norman is based in Bangkok.

1.20 pm Lina Soo, PKR sympathizer is also blogging live from Batang Ai.

Earlier version – The by-election (buy election – according to some) in Batang Ai is a straight fight between Jawah Gerang (PKR) and Malcom Mossem (BN). According to blogger – Uchu Keling – Jawah Gerang is expected to cast his vote at SK Nanga Kumpang around 8.30 a.m while Malcom and wife Dorothy will cast their vote at 9.30 a.m at Rumah Renggi.

Look like voters turn out will be high “about 90% of the voters are at the center now”, reports Uchu Keling as at 9.25 a.m from the ground zero – at Batang Ai.

Batang Ai is a predominantly Dayak Iban areas – with Chinese and other races constitute less than 10 percent of the voters. For more live update check out Uchu Keling

bkt-selambau Bukit Selambau & Bukit Gantang

Blogger Anil Netto providing hourly updates. It was chaotic early in the morning.

Anil reports, tear gas had been was fired.

“The rival supporters have been dispersed and separated. The Pas supporters outside the school outnumber the the BN group four to one. (This ratio is almost similar to the ratio of Pas flag-bearing vehicles on the road to the BN vehicles. But the Pas side outside the school appears more calm while the boisterous BN side is singing, “Inilah Barisan kita,” he said.