Jamilah Taib – the daughter of Sarawak chief minister Taib Mahmud home in Ottawa, Canada creating a buzz among local bloggers especially Sarawak bloggers.

It was first highlighted by blogger Sarawak Headhunter before being picked up by other bloggers in the country.

The house reported to be worth RM28 million (CA $9,609,000 = RM27,733,368.93, or 1 CAD = 2.88619 MYR ) according to Ottawa Citizen and is located at 688 Manor Ave in Rockcliffe Park. It is among Ottawa’s most expensive private residences, as measured by the Municipal Property Assessment Corp. (MPAC).

The new home of Mr. Murray and Ms. Taib has a more traditional look, which blends in with older, and much smaller, houses nearby. Its construction has been the talk of Rockcliffe for months.

“Well-heeled neighbours were impressed when the couple showed off their new home at a recent house-warming and Christmas party,” said Ottawa Citizen.

It’s a perfect place for Taib to escape the heat of tropical sun and haze – don’t you think?

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Sarawak wealth on the necks and other parts of these women – ie. Sasha Geneid (Niece of Taib Mahmud, Daughter of Radziah Mahmud) Radziah Mahmud, Jamilah Taib (Daughter of Taib Mahmud) and Elia Geneid (Niece of Taib Mahmud, Daughter of Radziah Mahmud).