Abdullah’s legacy is slowly being dismantled, as more mess get exposed.  Bernama TV a private entity which is owned by former prime minister Abdullah Badawi fourth-floor boys (not government) is reported to be owing government RM10 millions in debts. But the real question according to YB Wee is this:

Should the authority allow any part of the name of a government-linked company e.g. MAS or Sime Darby to be incorporated into the name of a private enterprise like what Bernama TV had done when the company has nothing to do with the government per se?

Rockybru apparently smell something rotting in story and hence digg a little deeper.

Seems like the losses amounted to more than RM14 million. Pretty bad for one year, won’t you say? Anuar Zaini, who was appointed by ex-PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to replace Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan as Bernama chairman, hasn’t responded to Wee’s posting, as far as I know.

It’s barely a month that the new ‘Tun’ leaving the top job in the country, already we heard of reviewing MV Augusta sale, now Bernama TV. Let’s brace for more messy expose in the blogosphere.