Wow it’s not my style asking for something – Samy said commenting on rumours that MIC threatening to pull out its representatives following snubbed by Najib.

“I did not mention a senatorship. It is not my style to tell the prime minister because it is his prerogative to decide who he wants in the cabinet.”

The MIC president added: “The writer is a liar who is used to writing imaginary nonsense in order to belittle people who refuse to entertain him. I will consult my lawyers to institute legal action against the writer and the news portal.”

However, he said, the party would discuss the dissatisfaction of grassroots members over the cabinet portfolios allotted to its leaders at its CWC meeting on Thursday.

In an immediate response Muhyiddin also denied making any ‘ungrateful’ remarks about Samy and MIC.

Instead the Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin today hit out at the Chinese papers for twisting his words and putting him in a bad light among the Chinese community, reports Malaysiakini.

He was responding to reports in the Chinese media that he had said the Chinese community was ‘ungrateful’ despite being given much assistance by the government.