Tan Sri George Chan Hong Nam, deputy chief minister

George was reported to have said – that but offering contract on open tender might delayed some projects. Well, Najib seems to disagree with George Chan and Sarawak government.

The Star Online reports:

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak wants to cut down on direct negotiations for government procurement contracts.

He said this method of awarding contracts should be replaced with open or restricted tenders.

“Opting for the tender system will curb corruption and bring back the people’s confidence in the Government,” he said when addressing civil servants in Johor during his one-day visit here yesterday.

On April 18, Borneo Post quoting Deputy Chief Minister George Chan as saying Sarawak is drawing up various strategies to effectively and expeditiously implement projects under the second economic stimulus package.

Chan said, among other things, the state has decided that the tender system for some of the projects under the package be waived.