An engineer from ‘Semenanjung‘ recently relocated to Bintulu.

Unlike most expatriates who often described Bintulu in a favorable manner, this peninsula expat without mincing his words literally said: real suck.

Ouch! Hope Hj. Mohidin BDA General Manager read this post. Let’s quote him verbatim.

1. Bintulu’s cinema costs me a ridiculous rm9 for that class. once i was not allowed to buy ticket because they have to have at least 4 persons for a show to be screened.

2. The house rental rate is as expensive as KL. Single storey may range from RM500-RM700 and double storey starts from RM700-RM1500.

3. There is no condominium / decent apartment being or has been developed in the past 4 years

4. The ratio of shophouses : shopping mall is 2000:1

5. There is no McDonald and good nasi kandar, let alone high end coffee shops

6. There is no bowling alley

7. There are only 2 or the most 4 sets of escalator in the entire town.

8. The road condition is bad, bumpy and full of potholes

9. Bintulu is an airway distance from hometown, so it is expensive to occasionally come back home

10. There is no specialist medical centre (but soon there will be not 1, but 3!)

11. There is minimal job opportunity offered in Bintulu for the spouses. This relates to the inexplicable policy by my Company. This is also why more and more cases of separated family are taking place.

We wrote him an email asking for interview – but he kind of reluctance and said he “feel unsafe answering interview questions via email.”

Meanwhile, we’re trying to get Bintulu Development Authority (BDA) Public Relations section publication manager Halim Mathew for his comment.