Dr Mohd Puad Zarkashi (pic), Second Deputy Education Minister expressed his concerned after seeing the conditions of several schools in Bintulu Division on his first official visit to Bintulu Thursday.dr-puad

Speaking to local press at Bintulu Education Office, Dr Puad said the Education Ministry would not allow such situation to remain for long particularly when it involved the safety of students.

“Even though it is not included under the Ninth Malaysia Plan, temporary measures could be taken to upgrade the canteen and repair the bridges connecting the building blocks at some these schools,” said Puad.

He said also worried about the safety of school children staying at unsafe, dilapidated building in rural school, such as SK Sungai Selat.

“It can be dangerous for the boarders if the fail to realise that a flood is coming. I will ask the ministry to review and relocate the school to a safer site,” he said.

Dr Puad also took time to visit several schools in the town areas. He said there were schools with too many students – problems that should be solved immediately

“I was wondering why there are too many students in schools like SMK Bintulu and SMK Kidurong.

“The packed school will create problems especially in terms of providing sufficient infrastructures.

The Deputy Education Minister also disclosed that a tender has been called last month for rebuilding SK Kampung Baru which was destroyed by fire in 2002.

“I’ve been to the temporary school building which they have been sharing with SMK Bintulu since the school was destroyed in 2002. It’s sad to see the lack of facilities,” he said.