A staggering 98 percent (or 6,115 applicants) of Sarawakians applications for trainee teacher in 2008 was rejected by the Education Ministry said Sarawak Teachers’ Union (STU) president William Ghani Bina.

Ghani Bina

Merely 152 Sarawak applicants (or 2.4 percent of the total 6,267) were accepted into various teacher training institutes in the country said Ghani after chairing STU annual general meeting at a leading hotel in Miri yesterday.

Ghani (pic) said the low intake was not only an issue for STU but also for state government.

The union he said was appealing to the Education Ministry to increase the numbers or allocate minimum of 50 percent trainee teachers intake given to locals.

“We’re suggesting that 50 percent of trainee teacher intake in every state to be given to the locals and the rest to applicants from outside this state.

“Teacher training institutes in Sarawak should give priority to Sarawakians and another 50 percent be given to those from outside the state,” Ghani said.

This would help minimize the problem of teachers requesting for transfer immediately after they were posted and also would ensure teachers more committed towards teaching and learning process.

According to the STU president, teachers who were requesting for transfer immediately after they being posted, would not be committed towards teaching and learning.

Ghani added “they were too preoccupied of going elsewhere, and eventually less committed towards teaching the children,”.

This he said especially true in rural areas of Sarawak and STU had raised the issue with senior education officers in the state during their recent meeting.

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