herald-christianA 27-year old Sarawakian granted permission by Kuala Lumpur High Court to challenge the authorities for seizing religious materials that used the word ‘Allah’.

According to Bernama, the Kuala Lumpur High Court on Monday allowed Jill Ireland Lawrence Bill permission to seek an order directing the Home Ministry to return eight CDs seized from her last May, as well as a declaration that she had the right to use materials with the word ‘Allah’ to describe God.

The confiscated CDs bore titles including, ‘The way to use the keys to the kingdom of Allah”, and, ‘True worship in the kingdom of Allah’.

The CDs, containing Christian teaching materials, were brought in from Indonesia, whose language shares much in common with Malay and where ‘Allah’ is commonly used by Christians to describe God.

Home Ministry officials seized the CDs from Jill, who is a clerk after she disembarked at Kuala Lumpur International Airport last year.

Jill also claimed she used the word ‘Allah’ in her prayers, worship and religious education.

The case is the third legal challenge against Malaysian government after its banned the use of word ‘Allah’ among Christians in the country.