A lecturer with Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) today lodged a police report over a video clip which allegedly insulted and belittled Islam.

The lecturer in the USM Communications Department, Prof Madya Muhammad Hatta Muhammad Tabut said the video clip lasting 1 minute 23 seconds was posted in the website YouTube by someone under the name ‘Streeticeshark’ about two months ago.

“The video clip shows a shirtless man wearing jeans praying toward a verse taken from the Al-Quran and saying, ‘sabda Rasulullah (saw.), marilah kita semua orang Melayu makan babi’ (the Rasulullah (Prophet) said, let us all the Malays eat pork).

“The video clip also showed him mimicking the ‘azan’ or Muslim call for prayer which had been watched by 9,032 visitors to the international video-archiving website,” he told reporters after making the police report at the Jalan Patani Police Station, here.

Muhammad Hatta said he had made an investigation and the Internet Protocol (IP) of the address showed that it was registered in Kota Baharu, Kelantan. — Bernama.