Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin today called on Umno Youth divisions nationwide to organise a course on political education for their respective leaders and committee members in preparation for the next general election.khairy-jamaluddin

“The course is vital because I have drafted a new module which will not only look at Umno’s history, but also challenges and skills needed to tackle future problems,” he told reporters after opening the Melaka Umno Youth meeting here today.

He said the course was expected to kick off at the end of next month.

Khairy said he was also planning hold a course at the national level.

Hence, he said the state Umno Youths were requested to draft and organise a programme which could reach the younger generation who would cast their votes for the first time at the 13th general election.

This, he said, could be done by improving on the current approaches.

“When I visit the states, I can see that most of our programmes are no longer relevant to the younger generation. They are relevant only to the older generation.

“We are organising programmes which are suitable for the yesteryears but not for the IT-savvy people who get information via blogs, facebook and the like,” he added.