Did SUPP exploiting TAR College project for votes during the March 2008 general election? Look like they did and it isn’t a surprise at all as that what Sarawak’s BN often do – over promises never deliver.

Tycoon Ting in ensuring that Ding Kuong Hing nominated for the Sarikei parliament seat – promised to donate land and pay for 50% of the construction cost for setting up TAR college campus.

Ding eventually nominated and won the Sarikei’s parliamentary seat. Less than a year later Ting announced he pulled out of the project . The announcement was criticised by the DAP, which also accused the SUPP of failing to keep its election promise.

In response, Ding said he would resign as MP if the DAP could build the TAR College branch campus. Otherwise, the opposition should shut up, he said.

SUPP president Tan Sri Dr George Chan Hong Nam said Ting had pulled out of the project as the tycoon had been accused of bribery by the DAP in an election petition filed by Dr Wong against Ding.

Dr Chan said the DAP’s actions had discouraged Ting to carry out the project. He blamed the opposition for “putting a spanner in the wheel and jeopardising the project.”