lorong-hj-taibSex trade is illegal in Malaysia but that didn’t stop it from reaping whooping RM3 billion profits last year according to Tenaganita a non-governmental organisation.

Tenaganita estimated that the number of prostitutes in the country at least 150,000 with more than 10,000 operating in the Klang Valley alone.

A prostitute monthly earning easily surpassing that of a minister, university professor or high ranking government officers.

Charging an average of RM150 an hour, eight client per day, working seven-day a week, a prostitute ends up making RM36,000 a month said Aegile Fernandez, Tenaganita anti-human trafficking coordinator.

“Serving an average of eight clients a day, she ends up making RM1,200 daily and possibly RM36,000 a month,” she said.

According to Aegile, syndicates that run brothels usually have up to 100 girls under them.