dato-aminahMeddling parents-in-law or, more specifically, mother-in-law were among the top reasons why marriage in Malaysia fail according to a study by the National Population and Family Development Board (LPPKN).

Mother-in-law meddling with their offspring’s family life are the main reason Indian, Chinese and Malay couples eventually separated or divorced.

The Malaysia Community and Family Study 2004 showed that the two other factors are incompatibility at 42.3% and infidelity at 12%.

“Interference of in-laws is the main reason why Indians divorce. It is the top ranked reason at 30%,” said LPPKN Director General Datuk Aminah Abdul Rahman when presenting a paper on Malaysia’s family profile and its effects Monday at Institut Kefahaman Islam Malaysia.

Infidelity is a deal breaker in Malay and Indian marriages but it appears to be tolerated among the Chinese.

“In the Indian community, infidelity is the second highest ranked reason for divorce at 25%,” she said.

However, the Chinese considered infidelity the least crucial reason to demand a divorce. Cheating nestled at the bottom along with health and gambling addiction reasons at 4.2%.

The data showed that divorce is more likely to happen to those in the age group under 25 and above 40.