Barisan Nasional component party People’s Progressive Party (PPP) squabbling leaders have not show sign of patching up yet.

t-murugiahJust like Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) was, PPP now have two presidents – M Kayveas and T. Murugiah.

The later, despite being outsted is still adamant that he is the president of the People’s Progressive Party as elected by his faction at their extraordinary meeting in Putrajaya few days ago.

To stamp his legitimacy Murugiah reported to have said that he would set up PPP new headquarters in Sentul.

Murugiah who is also a deputy minister in the Prime Minister’s Department even insisted that Datuk M. Kayveas was no longer PPP member and said the Pahang PPP annual general meeting on Saturday that Kayveas officiated was illegal.

Murugiah said “all the (AGMs) will not be recognised. Anyone can claim to be a PPP member and hold an AGM”. He added that he would also not recognise the party’s AGM to be held on June 7.

Murugiah said allegations against him did not hold water. “I believe a person of sound mind will not call or allege that a deputy minister is crazy,” he said, adding that it was the people who should decide who was of sound mind.