Registrar of Societies (ROS) said Datuk M Kayveas is still People’s Progressive Party president despite T Murugiah claimed otherwise.

It a major blow to the Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister Department claimed of legitimacy as PPP new president and his attempted to unseat M Kayveas.

datuk-alias-rosAccording to a news report, Datuk Md Alias Kalil (pic) of ROS said it was status quo as far as the party presidency was concerned until the ROS completed investigations into problems between Kayveas and sacked party supreme council member Datuk T. Murugiah.

He said the ROS was studying the claims of both leaders. Alias also said Kayveas could go ahead with the party’s annual general assembly on June 7.

Under the party constitution, half of the registered delegates for the meeting are needed to form a quorum.
“The party is intact but there is no such thing as two presidents under the RoS.

“Until our probe is concluded, the incumbent remains president,” Alias said, adding that he would be meeting with PPP office bearers on Monday.

He met Murugiah two days ago where the latter submitted a report on the EGM. Among contentious issues that the RoS will investigate will be provisions in the PPP’s by-laws and the legitimacy of the EGM as well as Murugiah’s “election” as president.

The ROS will also study PPP’s adherence to the Societies Act, which requires it to submit annual reports, including financial statements, failing which the party could be dissolved and legal action taken against office bearers.