Tenaga Nasional Berhad Chairman Tan Sri Leo Moggie (pic) said power supplied by Sarawak’s Bakun project is not for Sabah. Instead, TNB is looking in detail at other options available for Sabah in the long term.leo-moggie

“My answer to you (possibility of Bakun power exported to Sabah) is it is not likely, (because) it is already committed,” said TNB Chairman Tan Sri Leo Moggie according to Daily Express.

“But on whether the future hydro potential in Sarawak can be used for Sabah, we don’t know because it is an option that needs to have a long-term examination,” he told reporters during a question and answer session-cum-briefing with the media at Wisma SESB, Monday.

Moggie said there may have been some misreporting on Sarawak’s hydro power capacity. “The Sarawak hydro power capacity is very substantial, having a total identified hydro power capacity of 28,000MW.

“Of that 2,400MW is Bakun’s which is now under construction, while the others are not yet except for Murun which is 900MWÉbut the remainder of the 28,000MW are yet to be really developed,” he said.

In so far as Bakun and Murun are concerned, both are meant for use in Sarawak as well as for export to the peninsula.

He also said that until now TNB had yet to identify anything that can substitute coal for Sabah and this is why “we engaged another consultant to assist in finding other options or alternatives (for replacing the original idea of using coal).”

“We are not saying we are giving away the plan to have a coal-fired power plantÉwe are open for anything, if there is practical option or alternative available out there,” he said, adding that “based on our observation, now there is no other alternative practical option.

“If there are other practical options and workable, sure, why can’t we look at it as we have always kept our options open.”