‘Malaysia Boleh’ parliament sitting resumes today with “bubar, bubar” and “keluar, keluar” (dissolve, dissolve and out, out) shouting match between opposing lawmakers.

The incident happened following Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin (PAS) who was kicked out of the Dewan Rakyat minutes after he took his oath as the new MP for Bukit Gantang.

Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia ordered him out as he was the person who started putting on black headgear bearing the words ” bubar DUN” (Dissolve state assembly).

Several other opposition Pakatan Rakyats MPs followed suit by donning the headgear. Visitors at the public gallery, believed to be Nizar’s supporters, also put on the headgear amidst shouts of “Bubar, bubar” while the Backbenchers shouted “Keluar, keluar ……”

Nizar, after his oath taking, put on the black headgear and shouted “Hidup rakyat, bubar dewan!” raising his left arm.

Pandikar ordered Nizar to remove his headgear. Nizar obliged but Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham (DAP – Beruas) and Nga Kor Ming (DAP – Taiping) who stood up and refused to remove their headgear, were ordered out by Pandikar. When both Ngeh and Nga left the House, Pandikar also ordered Nizar out as he had started it.

This was followed by Datuk Mahfuz Omar (PAS – Pokok Sena), N. Gobalakrishnan (PKR – Padang Serai) and Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad (PAS – Kuala Selangor ) leaving the dewan as well.

Shouts of “samseng, keluar” were heard amidst shouts of “bubar.”

“This is not a market place Please sit down, don’t join him,” said Pandikar.

“This is how children argue in the streets. We have many issues to discuss for the rakyats’ interests,” he said.