Sarawak education director Dr Julaihi Bujang yesterday said sexual misconduct in the Sarawak is not that alarming and promised to monitor the situation closely to ensure the safety of school children.dr-julaihi

“The number of offenders compared to the number of our teachers at 38,000 and support staff around 8,000, the situation can be considered not serious.”

“But we view each and every case seriously because we want all our staff to be cleared of such misconduct,” he was reported as saying by local daily yesterday at SMK St Columba’s 80th anniversary celebration in Miri yesterday.

According Dr Julaihi the teacher accused of molesting four primary school girls from a rural school in Sebauh in Bintulu Division had been given a two-month suspension and is reported to be currently under remand for seven days to facilitate police investigation.

Dr Julaihi said the suspension was to prevent him from interfering with the investigation or be a threat to the victims.

The 24 year old teacher was transferred to the school earlier this year. He taught four subjects – Moral Education, Local Studies, Physical Education and Health Education.

Sarawak education department would provide therapy for the four victims Dr Julaihi said.

He reassured parents and the public, any teachers or support staffs if convicted of sexual misconduct or involved in drug abuse will not be allowed back into the service.

“This is an isolated case. I trust we have good teachers in Sarawak and I urge them to carry out their duties with full responsibility and not be demoralised by the incident,” he said.