Another expose’ by Malaysia’s largest Chinese daily of teacher’s antics in the land of hornbill. It barely days, after the Bintulu case, where four female students were forced to perform oral sex on their 24-year old teacher.

According to Sin Chew quoted by The Star, a teacher in Sibu, Sarawak had a secret liaison with the mother of one of his students for four months before the wronged husband exposed the affair.

Sin Chew Daily reported that the boy’s father discovered the illicit relationship after his wife started behaving suspiciously and lodged a complaint with the Sarawak Education Department and the school authorities on March 11.

The husband wanted the state education authorities to take action against the teacher.

The daily said that although the teacher had admitted to the affair on Feb 10, no action had been taken against him.

On Wednesday, the husband, accompanied by Bukit Assek assemblyman Richard Wong Ho Leng, met with three officials from the state education department to discuss the complaint, a day after he had written to the Education Ministry.