The 1Malaysia concept should be directed at getting the people to appreciate the success of the country without being sidetracked by current problems, Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud said today.

He said it was necessary for all the people to understand the overall situation of the country to enable them play their respective roles in carrying on with development.

Launching the sports meet of Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) here, he said failure to paint an overall perspective of the current situation could subject the people to dejection and disappointment over the problems in the country.

He said a number of blogsites had been used by certain quarters to raise current problems to deviate the people from the success achieved so far by the country.

Taib said it was no easy task to set right the people’s views in a balanced perspective in a situation where certain quarters sensationalised current problems.

However, he said, the situation could be rectified if the people could be made to recall the past achievements in overcoming the problems which had confronted the country.

Taib said RTM, as a channel to inform the people of current events, was in an important position to get the people to think in a more comprehensive manner.