As much as I hate to admit it, most people were right. Form 6 is no walk in the park.

There’s just a load of things to cover a one half year. After spending two months in form 6 , I can’t imagine those who had a weak foundation in subjects such as Physics and Maths (I’m taking science stream – physics) going through it.

I’ve only tasted so little of its medicine and yet I can somehow conclude that this is not going to be easy. That’s not a good sign.  I’m only the average level so I’ll have to strive.

Though I must say that I did have a good basic start when I was in Form 4 & 5, but still, the gap between the topics is so great that one needs a really high level of understanding, which I’m climbing.

I’ve done my homework and found out that some people (I’ve read in some threads as well) who studied for Form 6 said that if one does very well in STPM, continuing with a degree course would be a piece of cake. STPM is recognized worldwide and is one of the toughest exam to pass because of its ridiculously wide syllabus. One must be very determined and must be able to adopt the changes.

As for me, I have already made up my mind to study for Form 6 two years ago and I promised myself that it would not be a decision that I would regret one day. I’m still trying to get used to burying myself in those books without secluding myself from society.

Many discouraged me before due to my good results in SPM, by asking me to go to a local university instead, but the ego in me made me accept the great challenge and the thought of wanting to prove people wrong is overpowering my senses. Plus, it’ll give me a good head start in universities in the future, provided if I do well in my STPM.

Somehow, Form 6 helped me look at the world in a different way, that is seeing things from different perspectives and by learning from other people’s experiences, that is my teachers. The maturity can be felt and it is very different from when I was in Form 5. I guess that is what they say someone is “growing up” and being more matured.

I’ve met a few of those who studied Form 6 and stopped halfway because they can’t cope with their studies. I believe time management plays a very important role if you wish to succeed.

So, I hope family members, friends and teachers would constantly show their support to those in Form 6. They are under a lot of pressure and they need their loved ones to help them go through stressful times.