So it has already come to past and the Cabinet had made their decision. Was it a shock? Many of those whom I’ve confronted simply answered yes. My family and friends couldn’t believe it. Most of us were so convinced that this was already decided before the meeting even began. But yeah, we were wrong. The government decided to bring it back to square one.

I had tasted learning Sc and Maths in BM when I was in Primary school, but changed to English when I entered into secondary school. I know the difference cause I’ve experienced it. It wasn’t hard for me to adjust myself cause I was brought up in an English speaking family. Although, I do pity some of my friends who had a real hard time adjusting themselves to English.

I can still recall some of them asking me to translate this and that for them practically everyday. I was glad to be of help as they helped me improve my BM as well. So it was a win-win situation then.

But as time passes by, I found out that learning Science in English was much easier, not because I had good basic English, but because the information I find in the library and Internet are mostly English.

Whether it is encyclopedias, reference books or magazines, most are published in English as it is an international language. Of course, this helped me in my personal research rather than wasting precious time translating it to BM as I used to do when I was in Primary school.

We do learn BM in many other subjects like Sejarah and Geography and that is something I don’t complain about. It improves my BM at the same time, the same way goes to Maths and Science.

In my opinion, learning Maths and Science in English will surely help one to boost their vocabulary, apart from playing a very big role in the students future. Take this simple problem solving question for example:

1. There are ten red apples and thirteen green apples in a basket. If they are four baskets with the same number of red and green apples, how many apples are there in total?

You may say this is easy, but no it’s not for some. I was giving tuition to someone and a question as simple as this was enough to confuse her. Y? Her English was not good. Even physics need good English. Science and Maths the way it is/was did improve my language and expanded my style of conversing, through presentation especially.

My suggestion though, is to keep teaching Maths and Science in English, but instead of giving questions like 1 + 1 = ?, try writing them in words or sentences and let the students work out the numbers. Surely, it will help improve one’s language skills.