“Boring la belajar”. I can never get tired of this. Never. This statement is inevitable. It is already planted in all of us and is blooming nice and slow. Though some determined ones may find the strength to stop the seed from growing.

Entertainment has really changed lives. Of all the attraction forces I’ve come across in Science, none seems to have the power or even come close to what entertainment possesses.

It is human nature and goes without saying that we love being entertained. Teens like myself and my peers however, will always come up with different ways. Different style. Different approach of entertainment. Different methods of entertaining ourselves. Creativity at its peak.

Watching every single episode of House, finishing the last stage in video games and instant SMS replies are more important.

I find teens are so engrossed with keeping up with the latest entertainment, be it the television or the internet. It’s just pulling us away from reality to enter into a virtual world. Pulling us away from out responsibility as a student.

If we keep loosing control of ourselves, it’ll be hard to catch up with the real world, don’t you think?

When I was in school, I have the latest updates in entertainment and sports by listening to newscasters portrayed by my classmates, saved me time to read the newspapers actually. I learned that if one doesn’t keep up with the latest music or entertainment news, there is not much in common between students. Is it a disease to not know? I don’t know. Maybe. I just had to play the game the way it was.

Here’s a tip, why don’t you at least try to keep updated in your studies? Make it fun. Let people speak their views on a certain subject. Indirectly, you’ll learn something.

Actually, anything can be a source of entertainment, depending on how one sees it. Studying can too, if you’re not being so naive.

When I was teaching a few months ago, I used to tell a student of mine who is in Primary 6, that why is it that she is able to memorize many songs but find it hard for her to memorize the multiplication table. She couldn’t answer. So, I used the old method, teaching her to sing the times table, and in a few weeks, she could do her multiplications at better ease.

My point is that, you can make studying entertaining. This may be just another “blah blah” lecture for many, but knowledge is the key to success, and success comes from one’s hard work. Why be left behind when everyone is far ahead of us?

To me, studying will be entertaining if you apply your every single knowledge into your everyday life. See it as a game, a challenging one. You fight and upgrade your skills to battle it out against the “last boss” at the end of every stage.

Ask yourselves why you need to learn all this. What’s the use? When you open your eyes and your mind, you’ll come to see that it is useful and builds a strong foundation for your future.

So, balance your time properly and just be rational. It’ll save you from drowning in foolishness.

But then again, my advice will only make so little difference. Many people are just plain lazy. They are the masters/professors/scholars of procrastination.

But then again also, you can’t blame a man for trying.