BN said to give Manek Urai voters two choices – vote BN gets a new bridge, vote for PAS no bridge. Today Deputy Prime Minister Tan Muhyiddin Yassin apparently clarifying the matter further.

He said “voters from outside, must consider the plight and needs of the locals in Manik Urai, especially in areas of development, when casting their votes in the by-election tomorrow”.

Barisan Nasional (BN) having controlled the federal government since independent has explicit policy of skipping development projects in states and even areas its did not control. Muhyiddin, reasoned, though national issues may be of concern to them, those involving development in Manik Urai must also be given priority.

Muhyiddin is pleading to these outstation voters to see Barisan Nasional’s capabilities before deciding on who to vote.

Tomorrow, 12,293 registered voters will head to the polling stations to pick their candidates for the Manik Urai state assembly seat contested by Tuan Aziz Tuan Mat, 39 from BN Mohd Fauzi Abdullah, 50, from PAS.

Muhyiddin said that it was his sincere hope that the people of Manik Urai who hunger for continued support from the federal government would not be left behind in the race for development.