Sports is more than just dropping tons of sweat to burn that extra calories you had for breakfast. It is more like a way life where one can have to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

However, sports is no stranger to Bintuluans. Every park or field you go to, you’ll definitely see young people participating in various kind of sports, although football is the main choice among them. Even young toddlers, could be seen being strolled around the park and if you do pay attention, you’ll realize that these young ones are eying to the games people having in the park.

I have seen children making use of abandoned parks by making it a place for them to play football. Setting up their own goal post and boundaries to make their own “private” football field. Unfortunately for most of these kids, they will be shooed indirectly when grown ups start to find out what these kids discovered.

Some might have the impression that sports is only beneficial in physical health prospects. This however, is wrong.

Although some school going children are playing truancy, smoking or loafing around in town, you’ll find that most of these students that may seem to lead an “unhealthy” lifestyle, are into sports.

I have friends who are smoking and are little trouble makers in school. But loafing around is not what they are only good for. I find most of them are playing games such as football, basketball or just jogging along the beach. Despite their addiction to cigarettes, they still find time to remove their toxins and to reduce the effects of their “bad habits”. I myself do not support anyone to pick up smoking but once you start, it is hard to stop. Old habits die hard. So it’s the least that can be done by them.

I’ve also come across with students who escaped to go play games instead of studying in school. There was once when I saw these two students who skipped school in the afternoon by going to the park nearby. Still in school uniforms, these students were enjoying themselves playing basketball. A thought came to my mind then, “I guess school can’t beat the fun that only sports have”. I don’t know what action was done against them though.

Sports too is the way people connect socially with each other. It is a bridge that joins people together. I have met many new people when I started playing basketball at the age of 10. Along the course of my life, I am able to adapt to different type of characters and develop a good self confidence. The people in Bintulu, young or old, are often friendly and make a new player in the court/field feel welcomed.

Some youths join sports just to be with their friends. It may be a silly reason, but eventually it will develop into a more beneficial reason. Look at it in the long run. I used to bring a introvert friend of mine to play football, but he refused, saying that he was shy. However, after constant persuasion, he got the field. He played timidly at first, but once he got the hang of it after being openly welcomed, he clearly proved to be a talented footballer.

Sports is also fun. Naturally, people who are having a fun time will certainly feel the tension or stress that they have will slowly be discarded. Students that face problems coping with their studies or just feel stressed out can take a ball, go the field, and release your pressure on to the ball. It will make you feel better.

Although sports competition may be stressful, especially minutes before the event begins. But, try not to take a game too seriously. Win or lose is not the determiner of a game, but the sheer determination and the fun we experience should top the feeling of dominating the opponent.

Take the “Harlem Globetrotters”, a basketball team that was able to fuse comedy, athleticism and theater into a single sport. My point is that, sports should be fun and entertaining. Search for their videos in YoutTube and you’ll see what I mean.

So, instead of imprisoning yourself at home, why don’t you step outside and experience a new way of life by doing sports.