Sabah state assemblyman now richer by RM2,000 following 66% increase in their monthly salaries which was unanimously approved on Tuesday according to news report.

Sabah state assemblyman will now take home RM5,300 from RM3,300 previously.

They also approved an increase of more than RM1,000 for the Chief Minister and his state Cabinet members as well as for the Assembly Speaker, assistant ministers and political secretaries.

Under the amendment to the Members of the Administration and Members of the Legislative Assembly (Remuneration) Enactment 1981, the Chief Minister’s salary has been revised from RM14,300 to RM15,730 a month.

Similarly, the salary of a Deputy Chief Minister has been increased from RM12,500 to RM13,915 a month, under the amendments tabled by Assistant Minister to the Chief Minister Datuk Radin Malleh.

Tabling the Bill, Radin said the salary increases were necessary due to the higher cost of living.

Under the amendment, the salary of a minister and the House Speaker was also revised from RM9,900 to RM10,890 while the pay of the assistant minister and Deputy Speaker was also raised from RM7,700 to RM8,470.

Political secretaries will now be getting RM3,630 a month, an increase of RM300.