m-saravananAn MIC leader has called on the Barisan Nasional to investigate an allegation that a BN component party leader was involved in undermining the MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu’s chances of retaining the Sungai Siput parliamentary seat at the 2008 general election.

MIC information chief and Deputy Federal Territorirs Minister Datuk M. Saravanan said the allegation by businessman O.M.S. Thiagarajan in the Tamil newspapers yesterday should be fully investigated as it was very serious.

“I will be talking to BN secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor about the matter soon,” he told Bernama here Thursday.

Thiagarajan was quoted as saying on Tuesday that he had the assistance of a BN component party leader to oust Samy Vellu from Sungai Siput at the general election to ensure that the MIC president did not retain the position of works minister.

Samy Vellu lost the seat, which he had held for more than 20 years, in the general election and subsequently the MIC was not given the ministerial portfolio traditionally reserved for the party.

Saravanan said that if the allegation was true, stern action must be taken against the component party leader.

“I am not accusing Thiagarajan of making a false statement, but I just want BN component party leaders cleared of any such allegation.

“This allegation can create a lot of discomfort and result in disunity among BN component parties. It is a serious allegation and should be clarified as soon as possible,” he added. — BERNAMA