NMohdTopThere is now doubt that Nordin Top is not killed. According to The Jakarta Post, quoting an intelligent observer Dinno Cressbon said Sunday “most wanted terror suspect Noordin M. Top would have been unlikely to choose Beji hamlet, Temanggung, Central Java as a hideout”.

“Beji is different. It is surrounded by hills where he could not escape, while his previous nine hideouts usually got an easy access to the road and the sea.

“That’s why I doubt the dead terror suspect is Noordin M. Top.”

He said police could not conclude the remains were Noordin just because the dead man once admitted he was Noordin before police killed him, kompas.com reported

“It’s not enough,” he added.

Police believed they had killed Noordin in a raid in Temanggung from Friday to Saturday.

Another news report says – police sources have told Al Jazeera that tests on a body recovered after a shootout in Indonesia are likely to confirm that it is not that of the main suspect wanted for hotel bombings in Jakarta.