perkhidmatanAwamPublic sector employees in the support groups had the highest number of indiscipline cases between April and June this year contributing to 88.2 per cent or 427 cases.

The same group contributed 90.1 per cent or 365 cases of indiscipline for the same period last year.

According to a statement by Public Service Department (JPA) here Thursday, there was a 14.5 per cent jump in cases (62 people) where disciplinary action had to be taken.

“Absent from work was the highest with 249 cases (49.5 per cent) while mis- behaving 156 cases (31 per cent) recorded, the statement said.

Disciplinary action taken throughout the period (April to June), among others were 143 dismissals, 74 stripped off their emolument rights while 218 others given warning. –BERNAMA