victoria-beckhamVictoria Beckham – the wife of superstar footballer David Beckham is said to be less human!

She is reported to be given an acting lesson so that her “facial expression” look more human before appearing on American Idol. Victoria was roped in after Paula Abdul decided to quit the popular reality tv show earlier this month.

A source said: “Victoria knows she has a very thick British accent and is sometimes misunderstood in America. She wanted to come across the best she could on American Idol, so she took some private lessons on how to properly pronounce words and how to make appropriate facial expressions.

“Victoria is famous for her pout but she herself admitted she wanted to shed that pout for the show to come across more human.”

As well as elocution tips, the 35-year-old star also underwent drama lessons ahead of her appearance.

According to Victoria also former Spice Girls singer, she was persuaded to take part in the show by her sons who love the show so much.

“I’m going to try hard to pout and not shatter the illusion that I’m a moody cow, but I don’t know if I can. I’m just so happy.”