Malaysia the third largest producer of edible birds’ nests

Malaysia is currently the third largest producer of edible birds’ nests (7% of gross supply value) in the world, behind Indonesia (60%) and Thailand (20%) according to Malaysian Swiflet Farming Industry Report 2007.

Rearing of swiftlets should be made one of the industries in the country’s agriculture sector because of its lucrative income, Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Mukriz Mahathir said on Saturday.

He said the technology in the rearing of swiftlets had changed that the bird could be bred using the hatchery process and then reared for its nests.

Speaking to reporters after opening an association for agriculture and agro-based industry entrepreneurs and a swiftlet rearing project here, he said such a project was being carried out by the association at Kampung Sungai Tengas, near here.

Some 8,000 birds were being reared in the project and when fully operational was expected to yield an income of RM120,000 a month, he added. — BERNAMA