A blockage

A blockage mounted by the native against one of Sarawak timber company against encroachment of their NCR land. Defenders of native customary land rights were portrayed by the state-controlled media as “anti-government”, “anti-development” and anti-social. These defenders were subjected to all sorts of negative perception

Lawyer, social activist Paul Raja alleged the Dayaks have been short changed since joining Malaysia.

For the past 15 years my legal practice has been defending native communities against Sarawak State government aggression. The State government works hand in glove with the rich and powerful timber companies and now plantation and tree-planting companies. The native communities have always been on the receiving end.

Speaking as one who comes from the native community, the defence of natives’ land rights is challenging, and the task an arduous one.

Often, we are considered aliens amongst our peers, at times a nuisance. There are always those who purposely make us feel uncomfortable and unwelcome. I pity their narrow-mindedness.

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