RakanCopCrime prevention programmes organised by the police (RakanCop) in Sarawak received lukewarm response from the public said Sarawak police commissioner Datuk Mohamad Salleh here on Monday.

The RakanCop programme that was launched in 2006 by former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is among those that received poor response as only 5,385 have become members.

“The amount does not even account for one percent of the 2.6 million population in Sarawak,” he told reporters after a monthly gathering at the Sarawak police headquarters here.

The police have created a path for the people to join the police force in combating crimes, but unfortunately, such opportunities are not being utilised by the people for their own benefit, he said.

He added that preventing or combating crime was not the sole responsibility of the police but the people must lend a shoulder to help in the fight and ensure peace and a crime-free neighbourhood.

“The public can assist the police in providing information on any illegal activities or criminal activities in their respective areas,” he said. –BERNAMA