Drinking beer is an offence for Muslim in Malaysia, but in island states of Sarawak and Sabah beer are cheaply available.

Drinking beer is an offence for Muslim in Malaysia, but in island states of Sarawak and Sabah beer are cheaply available.

A few years ago, a pint of Stella Artois in Sarawak cost less than RM3. At one time in 2006 8 cans of beer cost only RM10 – partly because of rampant smuggling activities.

However that gradually change over the year. State leaders especially Dayak leaders blame easily available beer as the root cause of acute boozing addiction among the Dayaks.

Unlike in the peninsular states, cheap beer are still widely available in the Sarawak. For RM10 you’ll get like 3 cans of brands like Heineken or Tiger, although that almost the price of one can in anywhere in peninsular. However Sarawak is not the cheapest place to have a pint in the world according to Pintprice.com. Here is the list of 10 cheapest places in the world.

1 Tajikistan RM1.44
2.Panama – RM1.8
2 Rwanda – RM1.86
3 Burma – RM1.97
4 Bhutan – RM2.15
5 Ethiopia – RM2.15
6 Democratic Republic of the Congo – RM2.20
7 N. Korea – RM2.20
8 Madagascar – RM2.20
9 Kazakhstan – RM2.38
10 Philippines – RM2.38

And here is the list of among the 5 most expensive places in the world:

1. United Arab Emirates – No matter which brand of lager you drink, every pint in the UAE is reassuringly – or extortionately – expensive. A pint will typically cost RM40.

2. Norway – Like impoverished students in towns across Britain, it is common for locals in Oslo to hold pre-evening drinks at each others houses to avoid a ruinously expensive bar tab at the end of the night. A beer in Norway costs RM34.80.

3. Djibouti – The remote Republic of Djibouti, between Somalia and Eritrea on the Gulf of Aden coast, has a population of just over half a million. It hosts the only US military base in sub-Sarahan Africa, but if US troops leave their barracks they will find that a pint of lager will set them back RM34.50 on average.

4. Greenland – There is little to do in Greenland except ride around on a ski-mobile and contemplate the consequence of global warming (the disappearance of the ice beneath your feet). You certainly can’t afford to hit the pub and sink a few pints, each one costing you RM28.99.

5. Guadeloupe – The French archipelago in the Caribbean has a sizzling climate where temperatures can reach 31 degrees Celsius. Quenching your thirst with a cool pint will set you back RM27.83.

Drinking beer is forbidden among Muslim in Malaysia. In a few hours – Kartika, the first Muslim woman in Malaysia to be canned for drinking beer.